DDHF works closely with our member practices to facilitate the collaborative provision of integrated healthcare in the Durham Dales. Through coordination of different providers, such as the Community Wellness Team, the District Nursing Team, Care Coordinators and our GP practices, and our own specialist services, such as the Integrated Diabetes Service and the Community Psychiatric Nursing Services, we are able to help our practices deliver enhanced, multidisciplinary patient care. By working closely with both providers and commissioners we are helping to realise the goal of truly integrated and equitable primary healthcare services in our area.

In addition, DDHF act as a forum for discussing clinical and operational matters, as well as an escalation mechanism to quickly resolve systemic issues.

As we continuously scope new services and develop existing ones, we continue to expand our Teams Around Practices in order to support GP practices to access the broadest possible range of appropriate services, thus securing the future of high quality patient-centred care across the Durham Dales.