Durham Dales Health Federation is a formal collaborative of the 12 General Practices in Durham Dales that have agreed to work together to co-ordinate and provide some elements of patient care jointly across the whole area.

The purpose of the Durham Dales Health Federation is to ensure, maintain and develop the provision of General Practice and Primary Healthcare Services across the Durham Dales area, in order to better serve our communities as we approach an increasingly uncertain and challenging future. DDHF is aligned with proposals laid out in the NHS Five Year Forward View. Click here to view the NHS five year plan. Also see the Next steps on the NHS five year forward view here.

As a formal collaborative, we have contracts and governance structures which ensure that we operate and function in a fair and equitable manner. We have a board that is made up of directors from our practices as well as some independent experts.

Durham Dales Health Federation employs a small number of personnel in order to manage and operate the shared assets and resources but the majority of our clinical and nonclinical staff responsible for delivering services and fulfilling support functions are located within (and are part of) the member practices. DDHF provides clinicians, such as nurses and GPs, to support practices in delivering some of their NHS contracts, as well as enabling them to offer and fulfil additional NHS initiatives. This ensures that the rural and urban communities across the Durham Dales area are able to access and avail themselves of the widest choice and best level of care possible.

We aim to support our individual practices to continue to work together through collaboration, communication and by sharing information and resources.