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Public Consultations paused until January

Two public consultations about NHS services across County Durham and Darlington have been paused, and will resume in January 2020.

The decision to temporarily halt the consultations – concerning inpatient rehabilitation and stroke rehabilitation services – is tied in with the upcoming UK General Election on 12th December.

During election campaigns periods, public bodies have to comply with restrictions on the use of public resources for communication activities. This is known as ‘purdah’.

This is put in place to avoid the activities and communications of public bodies – such as NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups – either distracting from the election campaigns, or having an influence on them.

Both consultations are expected to resume in January 2020. You can find more information about both consultations at the links below:

Consultation: Inpatient Rehabilitation, Ward 6, Bishop Auckland Hospital

Consultation: Stroke Rehabilitation Services