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Extended Access to Appointments

We know that demand for appointments is high, and that 9-5 appointments during the week won’t suit everyone. That’s why all GP practices across Durham Dales offer extended access to appointments at evenings and weekend.

To get an appointment outside of standard opening hours, your first port of call should still be to contact your GP practice directly. The staff there will match your needs to the right service, and get you the next available appointment.

Outside of your practice’s normal opening hours, you will need to call 111. You’ll be asked the same questions you would if you visited a surgery, and you’ll be given an appointment time at the nearest possible location.

It is important to know that this is not a walk in service, and you will always need to call 111 first to book an appointment. This is to make sure you get to the most appropriate service, which may not always be at the same location.

The 111 service can also book appointments up to 5 days in advance, depending on availability and need.