The Diabetes Information and Education Team

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One in every 10 adults aged over 40 is living with Type 2 diabetes. By the end of this decade, it’s predicted that 5.5 million of us with have one form of diabetes or another.

While the new diagnoses of diabetes continue to rise, there are more and more effective ways to delay or prevent the onset of the disease.

A range of factors can lead to a person developing diabetes, but the most significant is linked to weight and lifestyle. Understanding those risk factors and making informed choices and changes can stop diabetes developing, or help it be better managed.

“Millions of Type 2 diabetes cases could be prevented if we help people understand their risk and how to reduce it. Even though the older people get the more likely they are to have Type 2 diabetes, it is never too early to know your risk so that you can make changes to prevent or delay it.”

Chris Askew, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK

Introducing DIET



Spreading this information is as priority for our colleagues at the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust (CDDFT).

Their Diabetes Information and Education Team (DIET) are reaching out to diabetes patients and those who have been identified as at risk, and giving them the tools to improve their health.

Diabetes education provides patients with the knowledge, tools and skills to manage their condition and give them the best chance of achieving remission.

There are courses, support and community groups for people living with diabetes or have been referred to prevention programmes. You can read about the referral process, and information about each option by clicking the links below:

The team can also be contacted directly by email or by calling 0191 569 2844. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

DDHF also work extensively with our 12 member practices to improve diabetes outcomes for patients through our Integrated Diabetes Service.