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1 Day Courses

Learning to Manage Stress
This course will help develop techniques on how to cope with stress. It will look at stress and its causes.

Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health
This workshop explores the concept of mental health and supports you to recognise the contribution we all make to children & young people’s mental health.

Tackling Destructive Thoughts
This course looks at negative thought patterns and how they can be challenged.

Improving Knowledge Around LGBT+
This course is aimed to promote understanding and awareness of LGBT+.

Managing Disruptive Behaviours
This course will look into the different behaviours and possible links to mental health. It will show how those behaviours can be viewed differently

Improving Knowledge Around Suicide
This course will develop a basic awareness of how to work safely to support people who experience thoughts of suicide.

Understanding Loss and Grief
This course will touch on techniques to help those who have suffered loss and grief.

Improving Well-being
This course will help you to improve your well-being and support others around you.


2 Day Courses

Change, Heal And be Mentally Prepared – This three-day workshop looks at mental health through stress awareness, anxiety, and depression.

Managing Depression
This three-day course will support you to understand yourself and what will help you to keep connected.

Supporting Mental Health with Long Covid
This 7 hour course will look into how mental health has changed through living with long Covid.

Building Family Resilience
Exploring resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity, giving families the confidence to overcome difficulties

Understanding Children with Autism, PDA, or ADHD
This three-day course will look at Autism, PDA, and ADHD in great detail and how it effects children.

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