Health Care


The Health Care Coordinators Team is made up of members from varying backgrounds from care assistants to secondary care and strives in developing positive relationships with Durham Dales GP surgeries, care homes, and the voluntary sector to coordinate high-quality care for the patients.

All members of the team share the same belief that is DDHFs founding principal ‘to work together to provide high-quality, cost effective primary healthcare services.

What they do

The Health Care Coordinator Team was originally designed to support older or frail patients. Since the remit has changed, the team now support a range of ages including Learning Difficulties, End of Life, chronically ill and the vulnerable. The Health Care Coordinator team has also widened their clinical skills to help the cross over between social and medical problems.

The HCC Team works across the 3 PCN areas as well as the team linking with many other services both from DDHF and outside agencies. The HCC Team is integrated into care homes within Durham Dales area supporting residents and care home staff. The Team links with the VAWAS team and external services to support patients in care homes to have the best possible care available. We also support patients who are in there own homes to keep them safe and secure. The work that the HCC team perform is based around holistic assessments, empowerment and education. 

Patients who are seen by the HCC Team and SPLW Team are offered a Message in a Bottle which is a small bottle to be kept in the patients home to be used in emergencies. It provides a non-verbal handover from the individual or any care providers to the emergency services. Inside each bottle is a form to list a patient’s existing conditions and health problems, along with emergency contact details and distinguishing features to help identify the patients.’

Relevant information such as Dementia or Asthma can be included, along with other important aspects of their medical history

Another important element is including the patient’s allergies and sensitivities, which in an emergency situation the patient, family or friends may not remember.

Over the years the HCC team has evolved to fit with the needs and demographic of our patients. Patient care is paramount and we aim to deliver person centred care. 

Following the beliefs and wishes of our patients allows us to support them, their families and care givers in the most beneficial way. The collaborative work that the HCC team is involved in has the power to change patients’ lives for the better and this is vital to our service.